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How Solar Energy Works For Your Home

  1. The sun’s photons are collected by solar panels.
  2. When photons hit the solar panels, it creates a direct current (DC) electric field.
  3. An inverter converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) so that the power can be used by appliances and home systems.
  4. The alternating current (AC) is routed through the home’s switchboard to supply electricity.
  5. If there is excess electricity, it is exported to the electrical grid, or stored in batteries connected to the system for future use.
  6. If there isn’t enough solar powered energy to power the home, electricity is imported from the electrical grid, or the solar system pulls stored power from batteries. 

How Solar Power Saves You Money

With a good return on investment, long term benefits, and significant options for cost reduction, solar panels for your home could be one of the smartest financial moves you can make. Not only does it offers energy cost savings, it also protects you against energy cost fluctuations. Plus, solar energy adds value to your home! Win-win.

Unique Features of Solar Energy

  1. Low maintenance
  2. Energy independence
  3. Roof protection
  4. Solar panels are built to last over 20 years
  5. Silent operation
  6. Energy security
  7. Production Monitoring 

Bank on Sunshine

Analyze your energy consumption

We work with your utility company to obtain your annual energy consumption.

Design Your System To Your Needs

Once obtaining your annual energy consumption we design the solar system to your enegry needs and roof space availability.

Local City Guidelines

Construction engineer wearing safety vest against blue sky

Plans,Permits & Inspections are all part of the procedure to installing a photovoltaic system. Our experts will work with cities officials to guarantee a safe , professional & city code enforced system installation.    


Utility Interconnection

Detail of Electric meter on side of building

Final Steps to Switch On Your System! Once your system installation is approved. 

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